The Foundation is a public charitable foundation created as a supporting organization for three other charitable organizations:  St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Harris Methodist Hospital and Happy Hill Farm Children's Home, Inc.  Other organizations may be secondarily eligible to receive grants from The Ryan Foundation if qualified as public charitable organizations.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors which determines operating policies, acts on all business matters, and takes action on all grant requests.  The Board meets at least once during each calendar quarter.

Grant renewals are not automatic and cannot be guaranteed from year to year.

Requests for grants or for additional information should be directed to:

Lee A. McConnell - President

Thomas M., Helen McKee & John P. Ryan Foundation

University Centre II

1320 S. University Drive, Suite 721

Fort Worth, Texas   76107


Our Foundation Board meets 4 times a year in March, June, September and December to consider grant request proposals. Grant request deadlines are: February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. Please submit grant requests unbound, without staples, folders or binders. Include an e-mail contact for someone who can answer questions about the grant application. A request must be made in writing, preferably in a letter that includes the following information and attachments:
  1. A description of the purpose for which the grant is requested;

  2. The sum requested and a list of other committed sources of financial support and sources of support now believed to be available;

  3. A copy of the applicant organization most recent audited financial statements;

  4. A copy of the Internal Revenue Service determination letter indicating a Section 501(c)(3) tax exempt status for the applicant organization;

  5. A copy of the applicant organization's most recent Form 990-Income Tax Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax;

  6. If the request is for funds to support a specific project or program to be conducted by the applicant organization, then the following additional information should also be included:

    (a)      A description of the need for the program or project;
    (b)      A description of the object of the program or project;
    (c)      A listing of benefits to be obtained through the program or project;
    (d)      Copies of plans for the program or project, including a time schedule and a proposed method of       evaluating the project or program's effectiveness;
    (e)      A listing of the staff required by the program or project; and
    (f)       A budget for the program or project, fully defined and including other sources of financial support committed and pending.

  7. Other material may also be helpful in support of the grant application.  Such material might include:

    (a)      Letters of support for the proposed project or program from local authorities;
    (b)      Letters of support from affiliated national organizations;
    (c)      Names of key persons sponsoring or supporting the project or program; and
    (d)      A bibliography or research studies or reports justifying the need for the program or project.

  8. In general, grants are not made for purposes of:

    (a)      Professional conferences and symposia
    (b)       Out-of-state endeavors
    (c)       The Foundation neither lends nor grants money to individuals

  9. The Foundation discourages pre-application meetings, preferring to schedule meetings, if needed, after receiving an application.  Receipt of all applications is acknowledged within three weeks.

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